From now on, visitors to our “new” website will be able to get a more varied picture of our work and services in the field of pollutant analysis.

We offer many detailed descriptions of our methods so that you can gain insight into our professional laboratory work. For this purpose, our pages have been redesigned clearly according to topics. You can find out more about our analysis services, the equipment of the laboratory, including SEM (X-ray electron microscopy) devices and much more. You will see high-resolution images of samples and gain interesting insights into samples that are analysed for pollutants.

You will quickly find your way around the clearly arranged subject areas of the pages in order to get in touch with the appropriate contact persons at GSA Schadstoffanalytik. In the new “News” section, you will now find current topics about the company that are also of interest to you as a customer.

Feel free to take a look around our “new” GSA Schadstoffanalytik pages. We look forward to your feedback.