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GSA Schadstoffanalytik offers you sampling, dust analyses, fibre analyses or assessments of other pollutants such as astbestos or cooling lubricant.

We test for hazardous substances at the workplace, indoors or outdoors and provide you with comprehensive advice on your pollution problem.

  • Determination of dust constituents

    Determination of benzopyrens , amorphous silica, crystalline silica, talcum and chromium (VI).

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  • Dusts: sampling and analysis

    Gravimetric determination of the respirable dust fraction, alveolar dust fraction, wood dust, diesel engine.

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  • Fibers, asbestos — sampling, analysis

    Measurement of inorganic fibrous particles, determination of alveolar asbestos fibres and other inorganic fibres, determination of alveolar fibres, organic fibres…

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  • Organic components — sampling, analysis

    Determination and measurement of organic components.

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